• dining room with tables
  • wall self bar
  • four different kinds of rice

Choice of India Restaurant

About us

Serving for 30 years, Choice of India is a perfect restaurant to enjoy delicious Indian recipes. Taking you through spices and sweets, Choice of India is proud to serve you the healthy as well as the most delicious food ever. Matching the quality of food with the quality of service, we are eager to provide you special attention and care, Thus serving you the best as we can.​

A trust and loyalty that will never be broken by my company over our past 30 years of business, nor will it break in the future. A bond of of love between us and our customers is forever!

This is the reason we have become ‘A Choice of India’ which makes us stand alone from everybody else in the food industry for many years. We call ourselves ‘Lions of the food industry, as no one can even come close to what we offer or present as well for our customers.

We pride ourselves on cooking real, authentic home made style food with great Indian spices mixed in. Preparation is all done with love and the aroma of eternity and integrity from all different parts of India served in our buffet. This will remind you of your childhood and time spent in India with your loved ones which you’ll never forget!

We serve you the same tasty food from our kitchen to you table. When you eat it you will feel it in your mouth still as it’s unforgettable much like how your mom would make for you!

We want you to feel like Choice of India is your home away from home, all you have to do is order and it’ll be on your table! We are not just a restaurant, but a family. A team who tries everyday to create something new with the best quality, variety from different states of India all made with lots of hard work, effort, love and affection all for our customers who support us.

We want to give you the best service, top quality and the best variety of food to our customers, as they are the guests and we are the hosts. Our responsibility is to take care of our guests! For us, our restaurant is not just a fine dining restaurant, it is our family home where we invite all of you to taste our food that we make for everybody with love and affection!